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Interdisciplinary Journal of Faccat's Graduate Program in Regional Development (Taquara)

Colóquio journal, since 2002, is edited by FACCAT, in printed form (ISSN 1678-9059). Since edition v.9, n. 2, of 2012, the COLÓQUIO - Revista do Desenvolvimento Regional started to be published also in electronic form (ISSN 2318-180X). As of issue v.14, n.2, 2017, seeking to reduce costs and the time of the process between article submission and publication, the journal discontinued publication of the printed version and started to publish only its electronic version ( ISSN 2318-180X). Since edition v.17, n.1, of 2020, Colóquio journal has been published on a quarterly basis.

Edição Atual

v. 20 n. 2, abr./jun. (2023)
Publicado: 2023-05-31




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